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Picking a Solar Company

Finding the correct solar panel company can be a hard task. Buying a solar panel is not only costly but a lasting commitment. This owes to the fact that you and the company you acquire your solar from will work together throughout the time your panel will be in existence. Several solar companies aren’t as candid as they have to be and don’t unveil items that can bring about lasting disasters. This explains why due diligence is crucial in selecting a solar company. Thus, you must not rely on what a potential solar company promises as doing so could make you to end up with regrets. With this guide, you’ll easily tell which solar company is worth considering.

First, check the time in the industry. You need to first look at how long a solar company has been in existence. Newbie companies may be in a position to offer quality services but how sure are you that they’ll be in existence during the lifetime of your warranty? Studies have proved that only 50% of ventures survive the past 5 years in the industry. This can toughen things for you in case the company you acquired your panel from shut its doors. It means you have to hire another professional for maintenance and cleaning services. Also, if there’s a defect with your panel, you’ll have to produce another budget for the purchase. It is thus wise to work with a solar company with at least 5 years in business.

Secondly, make sure you check the range and fineness of panels. Solar panels are classified into three, namely, polycrystalline, monocrystalline, and amorphous. Each of these solar panels has different pros and cons in regard to durability, cost, the space they need, and efficiency. This means there’s a solar panel that suits your particular needs the most. However, not all solar companies stock the three types as you’ll find some that only specialize in one or two. If you consider such a company, they might coerce you to invest in a solar panel that isn’t a perfect match for your situation. Thus, working with a solar company with the three types is a good option. Also, check reviews and seek recommendations to be sure the panels are of high quality.

Thirdly, check payment options and the price. When buying a solar panel, you can pay through different means, these are, entering a PPA, leasing, green energy loans, and paying cash. Each of the methods has its good and bad sides. Unless you are sure which method works best for you, it’s recommended that you choose a company with the entire options so that you can weigh them and figure out which one suits you. It is also good to check at how much a solar company offers its products. You should avoid the cheapest solar panels as they could be of low quality. However, expensive panels don’t assure the best. Ensure the solar companies you’re considering have made a reputation of offering the best solar panels.

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